Earth’s Greed

The Earth is greedy.

She keeps me trapped

In a cage.

Because she knows it’s the only place

I can live.

She knows only she can offer the continuous rolling field of greens

Even as they turn grey as the dead skin

On the ones who move around.

Her flames scrape my skin

As she forces my face exposed to the stabbing cold.

She shares her pain with me

Without asking.

And I don’t want her pain.

Not when she is supposed to be

My giving tree.

My giving waters.

My giving land.

My giving air.

And all she gives me is

Barren forest.

Black water.

Dead land.

Foggy air.

She rages upon me, still.

Hot winter days

And angry storms

Ripping away my city.

She slaps my lungs, eyes, and hands

Causing me to cough blood

Over the black rock I dig up

Ignoring the sun rays

Streaming down today.

She holds me to what I know I can’t ignore.

For I have caused her this pain.

Her loss of loved ones.

Her decaying state.

Her sorrow.

And still I ask and ask and ask.

I plead to her:

Save me.

Let me escape

To the dreams

That soar above.

But instead

She does not give.

She only takes.

Because I have only took.

And my tears gaze at that one wish

Shooting slowly away

To a place I could never spend a day.

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