The Leeds Partnership

“The Leeds Partnership” — I’m guessing you’ve never heard of it, despite it being one of the best things about studying here. But don’t worry! Whether this is the first time you’ve come across the phrase or you’ve known about it since you started uni, chances are you’ve seen it in action or have even been a part of it.

I first encountered the Partnership through my course rep. I was on a small course in my school, and we often felt like our voices weren’t being heard. So when we were given a test that the majority of us failed, I didn’t think it was worth saying anything. I was under the impression that whatever the school said goes, and there was no room to challenge this or collaboratively create an alternative.

That wasn’t the case at all! A few weeks later, I got an email from my course rep. She’d raised the issue at a student-staff forum and had written a proposal to the Head of School explaining the issue and proposing an alternative. The assessments in that module were changed moving forward, and it was all because of the Partnership; students and staff coming together to enhance the education experience.

Seeing what my course rep could achieve made me become a course rep, then a school rep, and eventually the Education Officer. The Partnership is a fantastic way to work in collaboration with staff to improve your time here. Whether it’s getting involved with academic representation, filling out surveys to shape the way your school changes for the future, or just talking to staff when you spot potential issues or improvements, anyone can engage with the Partnership.

And if there’s anyone who’s made your year by contributing to the Partnership, celebrate them by nominating them for an award. The Partnership Award categories include Student Academic Rep of the year, Positive Impact, Personal Tutor and Inspirational Teaching amongst others. So start writing those nominations, start getting involved with the Partnership, and start making a difference! Nominations open on the 19th November, keep an eye out for LUU comms with the link to the page.