Plight of human existence!

This very moment

I sit in a quaint library

amongst the smell of rusty books

and aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans

thinking of all the things i could have done

and all the people i could have been

though i know

this very moment someone is digging a graveyard

this very moment a mother is beating her chest crying over the dead body of her son

this very moment a daughter is holding the hand of her dying father who is fighting cancer and as he struggles to breathe from the freckled chest of his frail body, her daughter unbelievably is praying for her father’s death

this very moment a horrifying man is pressing his balls against the bosom of an innocent child, who is looking at him with melancholy rather than anger

this very moment an accident is writing a monstrous fate of a family

this very moment a brave soldier is fighting a painful stroke from the bullet in his chest

and i sit calmly beside a window of the reading room glancing indifferently on the harbour wishing i were a successful storyteller and wishing i were a recognised philanthroper

so sad is human existence and so petty is a thinking animal!