5 Foods to Absolutely Avoid If You Want Clear Skin

Paying close attention to what we eat usually starts with a concern regarding our weight or, worse, some serious health conditions. There are some of us who do, however, begin to think that their diets could reflect on the outside as well. By this, we mean on our skin, mostly the facial area. Even if you do use highly effective Neora products as part of your skincare routine, you might cancel out some of their benefits by consuming junk food.

foods to avoid if you want clear skin

How do you explain that? The skin is our largest organ, protecting our insides from harm. Since other organs can be affected by the stuff we feed them, why shouldn’t it be the same when it comes to the skin? Let’s take a look at a few products we could take out of our diets, or at least reduce, and find ways to replace them with better, healthier choices.

Five Foods Which Are Enemies to Your Skin’s Health

Dairy products

Whether you’re lactose intolerant or not doesn’t seem to matter, at least not when it comes to skin. When digestive issues are in the picture things get more serious, but that’s a talk for another time.

It’s often said that milk, yogurt and other products are beneficial, especially for children. These foods have inflammatory properties and people’s experiences seem to show that dairy can easily be linked to acne, thanks to the animal hormones we’re ingesting.

Sodas, fruit juices and processed sugars

Basically, sugar overloads are a no-no, not just because they could lead to diabetes or clogged arteries. These products have high chances of making you overweight and, most of all, they speed up the aging process and give us wrinkles.

Sugar simply disrupts and damages collagen and elastin, those substances which are naturally produced by the skin to keep it smooth and strong. Although it is said that fruit juices are healthy, the only thing remaining after squeezing those healthy foods is a liquid incredibly high in glucose. Obviously, fizzy drinks such as sodas are problematic too, they lead to inflammatory reactions, including eczemas or pimple breakouts.

Gluten sources: pasta and bread

Gluten is a common allergen which causes serious digestive system issues, which will show on your skin as well, through dermatitis or acne. Furthermore, in the case of pasta, there’s some sugar added to the picture too.

Deep fried foods

No matter what you fry, it’s the oil itself that counts and does the damage. At high temperatures, vegetable oils release some toxins into the body which oxidize cells and speed up the aging process. You’ll either add some more steps to your Neora skincare routine or reevaluate those French fries.

That fat in your food could easily translate into more oil being produced by your skin. Since we’re talking about fats we could mention pizza too. That tasty greasiness is likely to cause acne as well, to our disappointment.

Coffee and alcoholic drinks

Old sayings used to claim that coffee is a powerful antioxidant, but recent proof shows things aren’t exactly what they seem. There’s two ways in which the situation can go: you’ll either get acne or the opposite, dry and flaky skin.

Usually, coffee has the tendency to dehydrate our bodies. It’s the same with alcohol, that’s why we included it here. By now you already know what dehydration means to your skin: more wrinkles and faster aging.

Ideas for Replacing Your Favorite Foods

For example, milk products can be easily replaced by those made out of nuts, which contain healthier fats and less hormones. These are becoming more and more varied as well because of the high frequency of lactose intolerance. You could replace cow milk with almond milk and regular cheese with tasty coconut cheese.

If it’s impossible for you to completely cut out bread and pasta, try gluten free versions made out of cereals such as buckwheat. Trick your brain with spaghetti made out of vegetables or replace pizza dough with the newly-fashionable cauliflower.

The best replacement for sugar is stevia. As for drinks, we recommend cutting them out entirely if possible. Water ought to become your best friend. Add fruit slices to it for taste and eat fruits as they come.

Frying with different oils could help a little, although not entirely. Your healthier options might be coconut or olive oil. When possible, we still recommend using a grill or the oven to cook, you’ll use a lot less of these fats.

Lastly, don’t think that it’s impossible to quit your coffee addiction, you’ll be able to live without it. Green tea gives you energy and has great antioxidant effects as well, making you look younger rather than older. Plain hot water with lemon is also anti-inflammatory.

Remember: don’t get discouraged by all these foods that now seem forbidden. They’re not, that will only make you want them more. You can consume them sometimes to indulge, make moderation your life-long value. After all, we only live once.

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