Postpone aging with Neora — is it worth it

Neora is one of the companies that manufactures skin treatment products which are made from oleander-based products. The company also claims to base their products on real science and more so provide real and authentic results. The products made by Neora are for those having wrinkles, as well as discoloration as a result of getting old, exposure to Ultra Violate rays, malnutrition, smoking or any other cause. The products are also a treatment which is helpful in retaining a person’s youthfulness. Nevertheless, Neora’s products are quite expensive.

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In comparison to the anti-aging products, such as Dellure, AuraVie Skincare, Neora line of age-defying products or rather skin treatment products have been proven to have remarkable effects. The properties of Nerium oleander plant which is also known as NAE-8 extract are said to be great especially when it is in regard to acting on wrinkles, texture, and discoloration. The products are also well rated in regard to healing uneven skin texture, aging or loose skin and also enlarged pores. The process used to extract the product is called NBio-PL2 where Aloe Vera is incorporated in the process helping in the preservation of the antioxidants as well as other properties which are beneficial in the plant. The authenticity of the research has undergone a 10-year scientific research test as well as testing by the third party. Implementation of computer-based fluorescence spectroscopy as well as artificial intelligence has been put into use helping in actual measure of discoloration reduction as well as whether there are any emerging, deep and fine facial lines, instead of just basing claims on just customer satisfaction surveys. Despite all the good effects associated with Neora products, there are some side effects as mentioned in the Science and Safety Info Packet in accordance to a study done by FDA where up to 25 percent of Neora products users’ skins were said to have reacted to at least one beauty product.

Currently, Neora has several products available for sale, the most popular being Age-Defying Treatment and Neora Firm Skin-Tightening Cream. Age-Defying Treatment has a retail price of 110 USD and sells at 80 USD to the preferred customers. NeriumFirm Skin-Tightening Cream sells at 98 USD and 70 USD for the preferred customers. Neora sells its’ products primarily through independent representatives, just like Amway, QNET, and Herbalife, who earn a commission of what they sell. Upon purchasing from any of the representatives, one is asked to sign up for an Auto-Delivery program which is set aside for the company’s preferred customers which is an indication that as a customer one will continue using products from Neora regularly and the prices will be reduced and as a result credit card will be used for the charges.

All Neora products have a 30-day money back guarantee, which means that a customer returns the products, and get refunds within 30 days and for that to happen, a customer is required to contact customer service with a provided service line. The products are also available through retailers referred to a third-party such as and eBay for those who don’t want to buy from independent representatives.

The products seem to have mixed reviews among customers, which is based on online customer reviews, which are usually posted on HighYa. Most of the complaints are referenced on the high prices, difficulties experienced by those customers who wish to cancel auto-ship programs. More complaints are received from products’ failure to work, as well as reactions on the skin, which includes red bumps or splotches, inflammation, acne flare-ups and a few more. More customers are also unhappy with the toxicity of the raw oleander plant which is scientifically proven to be deadly. However, in negating the claims, Neora claims to have extracted the needed ingredients from the plant with safety and precaution.

Despite mixed reviews as indicated above, which are posted on the company’s website, usage of any products in the market are completely based on an individual’s preferences. The anti-aging industry is becoming a huge industry day by day. However, the industry is painted by unfounded claims as well as companies which hide away from their products. However, Neora stands by its’ products since the company claims that their treatments are out of sound science as well as satisfaction provided to customers. As a result, this has made their products standout despite all the criticisms which circulates in the media. The company has proven to be a reputable manufacturer in the world and hence it is worth trying the products since the benefits outweigh the disadvantages associated with the products. However, when using the products all precautions should be taken especially when dealing with some of the ingredients which are considered deadly and in case of any anomalies, one should seek medical help instantly.

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