Skincare mistakes you could be making while traveling

Joana Smith
Aug 7 · 4 min read

Traveling brings along the excitement of discoveries and adventures or the joy of indulging in a sunny beach all day long. While you are busy packing and planning a thrilling holiday with your loved ones, things like skincare protection can easily slip your mind. Escaping the daily grind for a few days or weeks does not mean that you should stop offering your skin the necessary care. We all make common mistakes even if we know that traveling can pose significant stress on our skin, and it needs special attention. Neora’s specialists offer you some advice on how to overcome these common mistakes and have bright healthy-looking skin when you travel.

Skincare mistakes during traveling
Skincare mistakes during traveling

Common skincare mistakes we all make when traveling

You are excited about discovering a new place and engaging in a new adventure on your holiday. You are busy planning and packing, and it is easy to forget a thing or two regarding your skincare routine. We understand everyone does that. Luckily, our specialists come at the rescue with some advice on how to avoid these most common mistakes.

You forget about travel-size goodies

You may be tempted to leave a few products at home since they may take up too much space in your checked-in baggage. The best way to stick to your skincare routine when traveling is to bring along travel-size products. Most skincare products are bellow 100ml and suitable for cabin luggage. If your favorite product does not fit in your luggage, you can always put it in a small, reusable container. Cleansers have stable ingredients and can be safely placed in a travel container. Be aware that some products lose effectiveness in contact with air.

You don’t stick to the essentials

You love your skincare routine, and you need to continue even if you are on the road. However, there is only a limited space in your suitcase, and so you need to make sacrifices. However, choosing the right product when you like all of them is hard. Follow this rule: clean, protect, and moisture. Don’t forget your cleanser since clean skin is happy skin. A new environment means new stress on your skin. Shield your face with a day cream with UV protection, like Neora’s Age IQ® Day Cream and help restore the glow and healthy natural look. During the night, continue the care with a proper moisturizing cream that binds the moist within and restores the natural skin barrier.

Moreover, use sheep masks to save space and still give your skin the special care it needs. Substitute everything you can for a wipe or a pad. For tonners and eye makeup removal, you can create liquid travel packs. Saturate a toning cloth or a cotton pad with your favorite toner and makeup removal and pack as many as you need for your trip. It saves a lot of space in your suitcase without compromising your skincare routine.

You don’t do enough skin preparation the night before the travel

You have a million things to think about the night before your trip; it is easy to forget about your skincare routine. However, the long flight will be stressful on your skin, and you need to prepare the field for what comes next. Don’t forget to do a full routine before the flight. Start with makeup removal and cleansing product. Continue with exfoliators and finish up with deep moisturizing so your skin maintains that natural healthy glow you love.

You forget about skincare while you are flying

Long flights are generally stressful, and your skin will surely show that. Avoid the dark circles under your eyes and puffiness; use a skin appropriate eye serum or some moisture boost patches to hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes and offer an instant lift.

You don’t tailor your routine to your destination

You may be too concerned about adapting your wardrobe to the destination climate. It is easy to forget that your skincare product also needs to be tailored to the destination conditions.

If you are visiting somewhere tropical, don’t forget your micellar water to rid the surface of your skin of dirt, oil, and makeup. It is an easy option since you don’t need to rinse it. Finish next with an oil-free moisturizer and a broad-spectrum sunscreen to shield and protect your skin from outside stressors and bind the moist with your natural skin barrier.

Desert destinations are fun and adventurous, but the lack of moisture in the air takes a toll on your skin. Choose a no-rinse cleanser followed by a powerful moisturizer for long-lasting hydration and comfort to extra dry skin. Finish up with a high SPF factor sunscreen.

Colder destinations are exciting, but your skin may look dull and dry. Remove your makeup and impurities with a facial cleanser. Once or twice a week gently exfoliate the dead cells on your skin and use a light protective cream to repair the skin.

Skincare routine on holiday does not have to be a burden since holidays are meant for fun and adventures. However, you need to stick to the basics even when traveling, follow some simple, easy rules, and adapt your skincare routine to the new conditions. Your skin is on holiday too, and so it needs to feel healthy and comfortable.

Joana Smith

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I am a blogger in skin care industry. Write brands products reviews. Brand-partner at Neora company.

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