Barge Haulers on the Volga, Ilya Repin

In years I was witnessing (and proudly took a part in) the full evolution of security model, from a growing startup to an established enterprise platform.

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The Great Recession hit Ukraine especially hard. All government spending was frozen, and we lost our only client, so I had to move on.
My next project was a very cool “business to business” system for “the workforce management”. Basically for every company with field technicians (like plumbers, and electrician ), delivery trucks, or salesmans etc.
In the end, the businesses of our clients were extremely diverse. Starting from small…

Security sucks! I know. All this authentication, authorization, audit are so damn boring. I hate it myself. I would rather leave in the world where all people are respecting each other, no envy, no hate, no stealing, no crimes.
But we only have our crazy world where we wasting the enormous amount of resources on doing nothing useful except keep the safe locked. For example, the encryption of HDD costs twice more than the HDD itself. But it is nothing comparing to time and effort humanity spending on security systems and at the opposite side, trying to crack it in…

Sergii Kamenskyi

Software Developer at Berlin, before, Oracle, etc

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