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I agree with Gore Vidal on this subject, and can speak to it subjectively, as I have been on both sides of the fence.

I grew up liking girls as most boys do. And I still feel a certain attraction to women. Women are beautiful, both inside and out. However, after I had my first sexual exploit with a male partner, I must say that it was quite a liberating experience. All of my adopted cliches and inhibitions were pretty much vanquished. I thought to myself “why are some people so hung up on same-sex relationships?” And honestly, the sex was pretty amazing.

What is the ultimate goal of two people having sex anyway? Frankly, it’s to help one another achieve that awesome sensation of orgasm, isn’t it? So, whether it’s hetersexual or homosexual, the outcome is the same.

Of course, there is alot of stigmatism surrounding same-sex relations, as it is deemed unnatural, or debased and/or perverted behavior. Most of this sort of thinking stems from religious beliefs and has nothing to do with natural human inclination. For me, I have learned that sex is sex, period.

Also, it is interesting to note from a biblically moral perspective, that Jesus never mentioned anything, or ever spoke once to same-sex relationships. He did certainly speak alot about adultery, however. And if same-sex relations were such a grievous sin as mentioned in the book of Leviticus, then why is it not listed as one of the Ten Commandments? And it is also not listed a one of the Seven Deadly Sins either. I believe that the reason is that God is not so much concerned about who we sleep with or who we choose as a sexual partner, but rather how we treat one another. i.e. “Thou shall not commit adultery”, meaning that if you make a commitment to someone you should keep it, as it could cause irreparable harm to them. How is sharing the eros form of love harmful to anyone? Some christian preachers like to point to the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah as the basis for the belief that God hates homosexuality. However, I read interesting article written by a gay christian that was very enlightening about this biblical event, in where he points out that both Sodom and Gommorah were trading crossroads for merchants back in the day. So alot of strangers were merging in and out of those cities, and unfortunately, like alot of modern metro cities throughout the world today, domestic moral standards get left behind when one ventures away from home and into the hustle and bustle of a busy city. And so, people basiclly became reprobate, forgetting about natural human affection and indulged in lucid behavior. And as it turned out, it got so bad that these cities became human meat markets. And as the story goes, God had to destroy it. He points out that God did not destroy them because of anal sex, because if that were true, God would have destroyed mankind along time before, as people have been engaging in that tabu pleasure for aeons and still do. Also, a message to unwise christians and a lesson from Jesus himself; that condemnation doesn’t win people over to your way of thinking or beliefs. It’s love that wins souls. If same-sex relationships are sinful, how about letting God be the judge?

Peace out, Sean.

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