Sure, working on your confidence and positivity is typically a good thing in anyone’s continuing…
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Great post.

I agree. If there were moving goal posts, because of a discriminitory environment at Facebook, then they most definitely have a serious problem at Facebook. It’s just that avoiding discrimination won’t necessarily achieve workforce diversity. That mixup of concerns in the article is what motivated me to reply. In fact, if you attempt to build a diverse workforce in the tech industry today, you must purposely practice discrimination. So, discrimination and diversity have nothing to do with each other.

And, from reading the article, it sounded to me like Bo’s self-confidence was a possible hinderance to her success. I could be wrong about that too. In fact, a girl linked to Bo’s article and said, “She right about Facebook”. Still, Bo took some of my advice and didn’t reply to the contrary. So, I must have been on to a little bit of something. I really hope I could help and that was my intention.

At any rate. If I had a business and needed someone with Bo’s skills, I’d hire her in a heartbeat. I know that is easy to say in a comment on the Internet. But, I really mean it.