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I agree, one could see Eric Elliott ‘s words as having a tone of arrogance, but very often sometimes extreme expertise can come off that way. I am not sure what you mean by it being painful trying to extract the wheat from the chaff. Everything Eric writes is fundamentally sound and quite levelheaded. He does have some biases, but they are the good kind IMHO, because he tries to keep everyone down on the ground in terms of JavaScript’s capabilities. In other words, he doesn’t sell anything “bogus” like “classes are the next best thing in JavaScript”, which only gets people frustrated, who know what classes should be in other OOP languages and who don’t understand what JavaScript classes are and how JavaScript functions internally.

Your comments could also be more constructive, if you could actually point out where you think he is just talking “chaff”. He might even feel obliged to explain himself better, if something isn’t quite understood. He does that often, which tells me, he is far from arrogant.


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