A language like PHP or Java by itself is not necessarily slow, but is usually used together with large frameworks and codebases that make the application heavy.
How I built an app with 500,000 users in 5 days on a $100 server
Erik Duindam

Nice article and thanks for sharing.

I like that you don’t bash on PHP. And in fact, the issues you’ve brought up are exactly why Facebook came up with HHVM and its asynchronous functions.

I wish PHP would start working in that direction too. Add a JIT compiler and async functions and we might be in a ballpark, where PHP can also be a lot less CPU intensive.

I’d also suggest the ability to circumvent the shared nothing architecture, but PHP purists would hang me out to dry, if I did. LOL! Still, the fact that so much loading has to be done to make any decent sized PHP app work costs a ton of effort for the server. That needs fixing, for PHP to actually scale properly and be really cost effective.

At any rate. Good artice!

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