In June 2017 I had the opportunity to participate in a pitch competition in Austin, TX. The competition was hosted by Learn All the Time, an amazing organization that supports out-of-school time programming in the greater Austin area. A lot of great local organizations came out to pitch project ideas, and one of the things on the table at the competition was the Internet Health Prize, which included a trip to MozFest in October.

That June evening it was warm and humid (so, typical Austin weather) and an October in London seemed very far away (temporally, geographically, and meteorologically). But…


In a running joke on the show Futurama, a character continually bursts into rooms shouting, “good news, everyone!” The joke here is that the news is usually not good. But the character shouting it rarely seems to realize this. In an era of post-truth and alternative facts and fake news, it can feel like someone is continually bursting into a room and disrupting your expectations. If you constantly feel like the information you encounter is yanking the rug out from under you, so to speak, what are the ramifications? And how do we address the problem?

From Fake News to…

For Good News, part I, see my excellent colleague Mike Kanin’s post

I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend in February with a group of incredibly smart and passionate people at MisInfoCon, a summit on misinformation hosted at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism and the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA. Over the weekend a group, including journalists, educators, librarians, coders, and technologists, gathered together to discuss, debate, and work on solutions to the complex and widespread issue of fake news, and misinformation more broadly. …

Sarah Morris

Librarian, educator, instructional designer

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