body soap.


eyes closed, water showering over me, a beat came to mind.

humming it over and over,

yet I couldn’t remember the name of

the song, the words or the artist.

I just kept replaying the same beat over and over again, as if it had meant something to me.

the hot water rinses my body off of soap that covers me from head to toe. raining down in pure silence.

just embracing this moment of simplicity.

I closed my eyes again.

replaying the same beat over and over, when suddenly- I started to remember the words more clearly.

I remembered the beat.

I remembered the lyrics.

I remembered you.

each word written with meaning and thought.

every time I heard you sing these words to me,

I felt over powered with love, happiness and appreciation.

but now the song that once meant everything,

means nothing.

but please tell me,

does that song still remind you of me?

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