hundred pound heart.


a heavy heart,

heart so heavy.

building walls,

feels like I’ve created a levee.

overflowing emotions,

now I’m stuck between two ways.

one who stays craving

& the other won’t reply for days.

but listen,

it’s not as easy as it seems.

I invested time in him;

mapping out our hopes & dreams.

I know this boy,

like he’s the back of my hand.

playing constant mind games,

that I can no longer stand.

when I was feeling down,

a man walked into my life.

we found our happiness,

& calls me his future wife.

a blessing,

is he too good to be true?

stop being doubtful,

a good man can love you.

the man or boy?

seems like a simple choice.

easier said than done,

& now I’m losing my voice.

the voice that stands strong;

a powerful woman.

bring back the confidence;

a beautiful woman.