on the borderline.


me. trusting you?

this is not something to take lightly.

I trust with my whole soul; my total mind; my entire body.

it’s all or nothing; right?

so let’s keep it mutual.

I often give people the benefit of the doubt.

that is primarily because the only person that will be losing out, is you.

all it takes is a simple lie to break my trust.

guarantee that.

let’s face it, a convenient girl isn’t worth losing me over.

it’s equivalent to throwing away a priceless diamond to have a bag full of grey rocks.


call me arrogant, call me cocky, call me conceited.

whatever makes you feel more at ease or maybe less intimidated of me.

but in my eyes, it’s simply respect.

I have the confidence; the strength; the power; and the self-love, to know what I deserve.


I won’t settle for anything less than that.

I’m not looking for perfection.

I’m not looking for mistakes.

I am simply seeking a euphoria of trust.

it’s so rare to find these days, that I often feel hopeless.

this is where I need to become patient. the most precious things arise unexpectedly.

repeatedly beginning new quests in search for love. I continually fall deeper and deeper into a black hole of regret.

I’ve met my breaking point, these men have changed my outlook on life.

I came to a conclusion that love must find its way to me.

if he cannot share his honesty, speak the truth and give me respect; why even start if I know the inevitable ending.

where did you think this was going to go?

did you see us flying over the moon and dancing into the stars too?

it’s unrealistic.

I know women like me are hard to find.

that is why I am persistent on finding what I deserve.

I know my worth.

future lover,

when you find me, please do not make the same mistakes those other men made.

save us from darkness and despair.

all of them had one specific thing in common.