an untethered soul.


we are the ones they call careless, naive and a free spirit.

the artists. the rule breakers. the round pegs in a square hole. the unapologetically untamed. the wild.

our minds are filled with fire-side stories rather than stone-cold facts.

our life is our school.

this earth is our teacher.

we learn trust from the ocean.

remorse from the rain.

navigation from the wind.

we chase butterflies across the world. stare at the stars with wide eyes. sand fills our unmade sheets. wake up as the sun rises and never seem to know what day of the week it is.

we collect shells, skip rocks & answer questions with even more questions. all animals are looked at with equal value and respect as human beings.

salt water is our medicine. we heal wounds with tears. steal memories poured through our lips at 3am.

we find ourselves to be unpredictable. going through the moments. making self-righteous decisions. others don’t understand it.

all we know is that we are happy.

we are in touch with life.

we are alive.