I Sing My Dog Sea Shanties!

In the mornin' ‘for I go,

I sing songs,

For a collie.

So he knows,

I’ll come back!

I sing of seas,

I sing of pirates,

I sing of ale!

Even rats!

(He just loves chasin' squirrels…)

Oh, he loves it,

He dances ‘round,

His tail goes pretty wild!

Then, it’s time to calm down,

So, I sing of stars and whales,

And we do belly rubs!

He’s just so fucking happy!

I love that little face!

So by now he’s one that red red couch,

It’s his favorite place to take a nap.

Then comes the part gets a little rough,

But that’s ok he doesn’t know what I’m singin’ ‘bout,

I mention houses that have those widows walks…

And how they watch and watch,

Waiting for those sailors to come back.

But by now he’s fast asleep.

I sneak out and turn the lock.

Happy that my pup's asleep.

I’ll see him in a little bit.

I’m already thinkin' up another shanty,

As I make way to work!

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