My first Haskell program and how easily I optimized it from 33m to 17s.

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1800x1012 scene generated containing 533 objects rendered with 500 samples and 50,000 rays per pixel.


Few weeks back, my colleague at work, Eyal Kalerdon, shared his implementation of ray-tracing-in-one-weekend in Rust, which inspired me to try this as well. I, however, chose Haskell for this, thinking I’ll not only learn ray tracing techniques but a new language as well. Haskell has been one of my favorite language for many years, as I often read about it but I never got any opportunity to actually write code in it.

Anyway, the implementation is pretty straightforward, as my only job was to port the C++ implementation from the article (which we both followed) to Haskell. …

Sarfaraz Nawaz

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