Actually I understood that they don’t treat time-management. These methods are rather connected with how we operate our concentration as we operate our attention. So, as the short review of how all this works, we will consider five steps. Actually, I understood that that he didn’t invent these steps, he simply started understanding that occurs when we regain control over situation. Thanks to it I regained control over situation and started understanding myself! Also I want to give a little bit example. Now I have a chaos on a “business communication”. I was given a task for 3 months and I am going to make it everything in 12 hours and all thanks to David Allen.

I also understood that everything is possible if you are controlling situation. For a start that I made to put everything in order, and then normally to start writing my blog according to my book? Well, actually, you do everything for five steps, whether it be your work, your company or something that you want to take under the control.

Everything is very simple. The first step is an understanding of that something was beaten out from a habitual track, and you need to define, what exactly. So, you need to pack all things which can be not on the place or to be not absolutely where they have to be to function as it is necessary. At the second stage you define that such you collected. Accurately define what these objects matter for you. In other words, it is necessary to work with them further or not? Whether there has to be this object where it is? Perhaps, it represents something like that, what you shouldn’t lose sight? After you packed all these things and cleared that they mean to you, you have to organize results of these reflections.

The organization means only that you need to sort these things on categories that then you hadn’t to come back, worry or distract to them from another matters. Thus, we collect that got out of hand, we define what exactly these things mean to us, and then we sort them by the corresponding categories so that then not to doubt, by what logic they are connected, and that with them to do. When you make all this, you have to recede on a step backwards, reflect and comprehend that all this means. To see whole, more overall picture, to estimate that represent all these things.

When you do this (select something that attracts your attention, determine what those things mean to you, Divide your them by category, take a step back and look at the big picture), then be able to take a good, reliable and intuitive solution that Specifically you do, and how to allocate their resources. Let’s take the example of my blog, where before I did not do anything and it’s complete chaos. I need to collect all informations and materials that should be in place for my comforty to work. As a result, I’m starting to collect information. In my case, as I have already said that now the information age. And all I need for my work is a computer with internet access. Then I have to put all the resources and programs within the computer by the value of the importance. I need an Internet browser (google chrome) and Microsoft word. As I am writing my blog is the most important pages will be in the medium. So I open it. I’m not really good at English because of this I will open a new page with an interpreter. Then I’ll have to just open the page with google to search for pictures. Then everything when placed on the shelves, I digress a step back look through it, convinced that it is worth all that is necessary for my blog and have placed as I will be comfortable and then I start to work.

Thus, it is something out of the area of ​​common sense. This is a fairly common approach to how we deal with things; but we will use it in much more difficult situations we face in life. Given the amount of information and the speed at which it enters, and from which we must handle it hourly is unlikely to apply these principles in practice will have to something natural or automatic. In fact, it is necessary to learn. These skills can also be improved. So, GTD — a methodology that combines the best course of action in such a way that you can maintain control over their lives and work, without losing concentration. This allows you to handle all the affairs.