“Sometimes you’ve got to take a big step back to see the full picture”

After reading the book, I realized that I started to think! I want to say that it’s really good. You should ask me why and what I mean by this? Nothing it’s just analysis… It’s Quite simply you know. For analysing something you just shoot take a step back, see what happens and just analysis.

I think that everybody analysis. But a question is in other. Does he do it good?

By this book i began to analyse deeply. For example did you even think why sometimes we are looking for a calendar?

I am almost sure that you though one time looked at the calendar for closing two dates. For what did you it do? You needed to be orientated, you needed a map the role of that was executed by a calendar, for today or by tomorrow. You retreated on a step back, to look at a general picture. It reminded you of businesses and gave feeling of control. As a rule, in I look the evening, so to say, on a general plan in my calendar. At this level I analyse and reflect. An analysis and reflection come true on a few levels, on all levels on that we have obligations. As I said already, viewing of calendar — this most widespread from that is done by people, orientated and make sure in that they do not skip something important.