Hi this is my first attempt to write something in my entire life.today was ok day. Nothing great. I did nothing to celebrate my new year, nothing at all, just like every other year, we never celebrate as a family, we eat our dinner and go to sleep. I was waiting for New year’s to though, few texted, many dint. I had expected a msg from A, he did not text..we have not spoken in I guess 2.5 months.i still miss him and stalk him on Watsapp and twitter.but I need to remember he is not in love with me, he never was. Get over him. Don’t forget number of times he made u feel insulted.
I watched tom Hanks movie today, sleepless in Seattle, a beautiful love story, and again felt pathetic for myself, when m I going to meet my life partner, someone who will be proud of having me in his life, I m waiting for my love story to happen, pls God hurry now, it’s already too late.
Its difficult to wait so long
M going to fly back to Chennai for closing meeting tomorrow morning, and m not at all in mood to face that moron manager ravi, but I will have to try not to let his negativity take over my happiness, yes try hard, just remember what he thinks of you does not matter, he is jerk and always will be, do not let his opinion and blabbering affect u in any way.
And also don’t forget to jog or run every day from tomorrow, no matter how down u feel, how tired u are.
All iss well.life comes only once, live it, love it.

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