If evangelicals hate tyranny, they should be very wary of becoming tyrants. But evangelicals will never see themselves as tyrants, because they are commanded by their faith to be “missionaries for Christ.” This mandate engages them in a zero-sum game to convert the country, indeed the whole world, to their faith. And over the decades they have increasingly reached for more and more political power to achieve this goal. This is exactly what ISIS proposes, by trying to establish a global muslim caliphate. The goal of religious extremists, regardless of faith, is always the same: Dominion.
It’s Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban
JC Weatherby

There is a rather glaring difference here: the means. ISIS believes in converting by force, and killing those that don’t conform. Christian groups believe in converting through acts of charity and persuasion. Not exactly in the same ballpark mate.

Many evangelical people may support a legal system that criminalizes behavior they view as sinful, but by no measure of the imagination are they proposing wholesale slaughter or enslavement based on religious affiliation.

Your article actually does say a lot of things I agree with, particularly about the merits of separating church and state — then you go off on the ISIS/ taliban comparison. A shame. It might have been a productive article otherwise.

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