CNA #4

Trump relaxes US policy on Middle East two-state solution

BCC News claims President Trump offered a peace deal during the time of the Israeli — U.S. meeting in an effort to improve relations between Israelis and the White House. The catch is Trump included compromise on both sides of the deal during his meeting with Bibi Netanyahu, asking his guest to reconsider settlement building in West Bank and East Jerusalem. The discussion primarily talked about resolving conflict between Israelis and Palestinians through alliances between its country’s leaders and international authorities.

Russian Aircraft Buzzed a U.S. Destroyer in Black Sea: Pentagon

NBC News reports the Pentagon claims four Russian aircraft flew over a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Black Sea at an unusually low and suspicious altitude. The U.S. Navy is said to have tried to communicate with the Russians over radio, but to no avail. It was reported by U.S. officials, the Russian aircrafts had been in flight without their transponders that help identify a plane and could make it easy for a pilot to mistake its altitude calculations.

Saudi authorities arrest 18 IS suspect

According to Fox News World, 18 Islamic State suspects have been detained by security authorities in Saudi Arabia. The spokesman of the Saudi Interior Ministry, Al-Turki, states that the suspects have experience in bomb-making. The suspects are said to have housed hostile militants and provided financial support.