Ex. 10.3 Television Advertising Critique Sheet

Name: Apple Watch Series 2

Advertisement: Apple Watch Series 2 TV Commercial, ‘Live Bright’ Song by Beyoncé

  1. Visual effects to define location: work office, pond, golf course, forest, Northern lights, water-slide, outdoor trampoline, basketball court, beach, ally of a city, cycling red dirt hills, tunnel, pool, gym, elevator, skydiving in air, water balloon fight, color run and ocean (many locations).
  2. Sound effects used to define action: Song by Beyoncé — fast pace, adventurous, dominant, adrenaline rushing
  3. Format used: Slice of life, a story board of all video — audio being the Beyoncé song through the entire commercial to build suspense.
  4. Brief synopsis of ad: Apple put a 1:00 minute television ad together that comprised of many different scenes. Each scene represented all the different moments of a millennial's fast pace life anywhere from an office at work to skydiving and everything in between. The commercial also had a subtle multicultural theme, representing all of the major ethnic groups. No dialog was used in the making of this ad outside of the Beyoncé featured song.
  5. Target market: The millennial generation / young adults (20–35 years), people with high energy, living busy, fun and spontaneous lives
  6. Benefits offered by ad: The ad creates a feeling of motivation and relatedness with the high energy and fun audience to buy the watch that is durable and can keep up with someone’s lifestyle of quickly changing environments.
  7. Call to action: Yes, to live boldly and purchase the apple watch series 2 that will endure the rough elements of life.

word count: 253

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