He Told Me I Was Ugly.
Demetra Demi Gregorakis


And who is he, or anyone, to call me ugly? I don’t get this idea of 'beauty’. Who gets to decide and tag it on anyone that they are more/less beautiful than any other?

Your appearance doesn’t make you beautiful, rather it’s what you do that will make you beautiful. God made us with the same physical features without any bias. It’s our responsibility to beautify ourselves with our deeds, coz no one can alter their physical being. All you can do is make your soul beautiful. Coz there is always more than what meets the eye.

And yeah, it’s not about being bound to love someone like forever. Of course you can fall short of love for someone over time. But you cannot tag someone 'ugly' for that. If you were not able to see the soul of the person, who stood by you all the time, and are attracted to someone else then just apologise and leave. There isn’t a need to break that person to pieces, after what she did for you, and veil your own failures.

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