When I become a Parent…

When tomorrow I become a parent,

I would raise my kids as…


I would teach my son,

never to underestimate a person,

coz she is a Woman.

I would tell my daughter,

never to hurt your self-conscience for a person,

coz he is a Man.

I would teach my son,

never to tell a woman:

“What do you do all day at home?;

“Household chores, aren’t my job”;

“What have you taught your kids?”;

“ You aren’t working coz I am the MAN in the house”.

I would teach my daughter,

never to lose her freedom;

never to be quite for wrong;

never to compromise with her thoughts;

never to let her physicality be a substitute for her calibre.

I would make BOTH of them

Self reliant.

Even if I have only one of them,

I would never regret for not having the other.

I would instil in them


other than concerns for their


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