From clueless to digital marketer

Photography by Ryan McGuire- Image via Gratisography

Every graduating student has one obvious on his or her mind, what now? 3 years of slaving over experiments and textbooks, and I was felt clueless. I joined my family business and there I was, a science graduate learning accounting from zero. Needless to say, the daily routine was jarring.

So after 3 years of paperwork, when a prospect presented itself, I took it! We had recently taken over a retail jewellery store. The task was to learn how to market our products well, in order to keep up with our competition.

But how?

Photography by Ryan McGuire- Image via Gratisography

Marketers have their work cut out for them, as the 21st century has brought with it a mix of confusion and intrigue. The days of newspaper and radio advertisements have long passed us, and digital platforms are beginning to make their mark in today’s marketing world. The sheer velocity, at which these platforms are being developed, is enough to cause some baffled head scratching.

One may wonder where to start: I had no idea what it meant to market a product, let alone use social media to do it. I knew I had to look for a course to aid me. However, since my schedule did not permit attending classes at a fixed time and location, I needed flexibility and ease.

Hence, I searched for online digital marketing courses and came across the DMND program on Udacity’s website. It seemed quite promising to me for multiple reasons, some of which are listed below:

1. Content seemed educational and concise.

2. Content covered multiple social media platforms and also had real-life campaigns, which were presented as examples.

3. Instructors from the program were professionals in the field at different stages.

4. Projects were reviewed thoroughly and provided helpful feedback.

5. The deadlines from the Udacity course were reasonable and gave a lot of leeway.

Within three months, the course promised to cover different methods of running ad campaigns on multiple social media platforms. As well as, a step by step process to guide the planning and executing of real time ad campaigns.

The answer was simple. This course would give me all the tools I needed to get started with my digital marketing career. It has been a month since I started this course and it has already helped me open my eyes to the digital world around me. There are so many opportunities and experiences waiting for me out there. I truly believe the best way to stay ahead of the herd, as a digital marketer, is to educate yourself. The DMND program I know will be my path to being a successful digital marketer.