The Ridgeway Commons

Sammy Adjei

As important as the college education is to students, likewise is food to students. Here at Western Washington University, there are a lot of spots you can consider eating places. Throughout campus, there are grills, coffee houses, fast food places, cafeterias, dining halls and a lot of others. The Ridgeway Commons is a great spot on campus which the main purpose is to provide students living on campus with food. It also has a couple other additions to it such as the substitute athlete gym and the computer lab (and printers) which are really resourceful to the student population. Also, unlike other cafeterias on campus, the Ridgeway commons show a variety of the foods that are provided. It has breakfast and brunches in the morning, lunch in the afternoons, dinner in the evenings and late-night at after dinner as the evening comes to a close. It has a cool environment most of the times making it a place where students do lots of stuff at. For example, it is perfect for doing homework, reading a book for a class or maybe just spending time with friends. The key components of the Ridgeway Commons are the cafeteria, the gym, and the computer lab.

Every student or individual that goes in there is treated with the utmost respect. The workers are super nice, friendly and are always willing to help people who find trouble with their way around. I remember my first week as a freshman trying to eat over there and how I got so confused about where the drinks were. I was just pacing back and forth until this staff member noticed me struggling. She was willing to help me out even though I seemed to be comfortable. She ended up helping me and that helped me a lot. From then, I knew they were nice people and they’re always ready to help.

I’ve been living on campus (Ridgeway Alpha) since fall quarter as freshman and the Commons is the place I usually have all my meals. Although it’s one of the older buildings, it looks new, exceptionally clean and well laid out. At first, I didn’t like it because I thought it was going to be too loud and anti-social over there. But over my stay here on campus, I saw the opposite. Not a bit is it too loud or an anti-social environment. You can stand at the substitute athlete gym and feel it’s not the time for food because of how quiet it is. It is really resourceful.

Breakfast in the mornings over there is so rich. It offers coffee, egg whites, pancakes (like banana pancakes, buttermilk pancakes, blueberry pancakes), baking, sausages and a whole variety of cereals and milk. For lunch, there is always the hot, tasty, yummy and colorful pizza, burgers (cheeseburger, chicken burger, and hamburger), and a variety of sandwiches. For dinner, it ranges from chicken meal, nachos, vegan foods, etc. For late-nights, there’s always the crispy pizza and a menu with a wide range of other foods.

Like I made mention earlier, the staff members are always there to help you with choosing what you would want to eat. The chairs and tables are well arranged. They are really comfy too. There are areas where you can sit with a large group of people or sit by yourself. There is a television with good seating and a lot of channels provided that is available for students to use. Easy connections can be made to it for those requiring it.

It has Wi-Fi accessibility making it easier for students to come in to work on their homework. The computer lab makes it a very resourceful place since it’s available not only for the staff over there but for students as well. I do not use it most often but I see it being of great help to us. With the free to use printers recently added, it helps students print out their stuff really easily. These are accessible to use anytime of the day. I personally use it to print a lot of my school stuff and I see that to be really helpful. Personally, I also use the Wi-Fi over there on many occasions to work on my assignments and that’s truly helpful too. I enjoy the environment over there any day. It is also really close to the dorms making its accessibility very easy. Because of this I can go in there to do my printing anytime I want since it wouldn’t take me so long to get there.

Here is a picture of Zoe’s Bookside Bagels. Unlike the Ridgeway commons, it only provides students with only breakfast and nothing else. This an evidence of why the ridge is preferable on campus by the students.

On the other hand, the Ridge Commons has some disadvantages. One is of them is that the gym over there is only meant for student athletes which suck. Also for students living on the North side and those on the further South by the Buchanan towers, the Ridgeway Commons is very far off. Students who live over there will have to walk about a mile up the hill to get here if they want to use it.

Personally, I’ll grade it with a high B. This is because of the fact that the gym is not easily accessible except for the student athletes living there on the ridge. Also based on the fact that most students complain a lot about how bad the food is. I like it, but most people don’t.

I’ll suggest that the staff members work on improving the food and drinks over there. It’ll also be nice if they have an extra television provided. This is because most students will like to watch different channels at the same time and this will help reduce the chaos caused by changing channels now and then.

In a nutshell, I think the Ridgeway Commons meets the standards of a basic Commons. It has most of the stuff needed for a Commons. I’ll say it’s a better place because it sure provides students with the foods they desire.

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