Psychological Report on Medusa


I have chosen to write a psychological report on Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, “Medusa” from The World’s Wife. I chose to do a psychological report because I personally am very interested in psychology. I also felt that Carol Ann Duffy’s style of poems are written in such a way that makes every person who reads them wonder what is going on in the minds of the characters. Carol Ann Duffy takes characters such as Medusa that are traditionally made into the bad guys and shows readers why in a way they are more so the victim. However she does not really ever explain why as to leave it up to the readers to interpret. Due to this, I choose to write my psychological report on Medusa. I chose to put a modern twist on the original story to clearly project the symbolism shown throughout this poem.

I began writing by analyzing Medusa from my own perspective and then from how I would think Carol Ann Duffy would analyze her. I wanted to keep Medusa as the victim in the situation as opposed to making her an insane person. I wanted to slowly conclude to her reasonings for why she was the way she was without making her appear insane. I also choose to include symbols from the original story such as the animals and mirrors. Choosing a psychological report was the best way to analyze Medusas behavior and continue to project Carol Ann Duffys idea of how women and specifically, Medusa should be portrayed.

Word Count: 254

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Confidential Psychological Report

Medusa xxxx

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Prepared/Written/Edited by:

Caroline de la Rocha

November 23, 2016



Medusa xxxx


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Caroline de la Rocha, Psychology PhD




Medusa was referred to the Genesis Psychiatric Institution by her ex-husband. He stated he was worried about her mental health and that in the past 16 months she had become very interested in Greek Mythology and has stopped leaving the house and seeing people. Medusa appeared to be hiding from everyone and reportedly was indulging in strange behavior and habits such as purchasing mirrors and then breaking them in her room. In the past 4 months Medusa has changed her hair by dying it many different colors, something she had never done before in the past. Medusa also insisted her and her ex-husband moved to the countryside to a secluded farm house around 6 years ago. Medusa then purchased many animals while her husband was away sailing- including goats, pigs, cats and snakes. Medusa’s ex-husband believes she is “at the peak of a psychotic break” due to the most recent incident in which he came home from a business trip and found Medusa with the pigs holding a knife. Her ex-husband stated he has no idea why or any reasoning behind Medusas recent behavior.


Interview with: Chad xxxxxx (Medusas ex: requesed his name to be changed)

Interviewed on: 12/15/2015

Chad described Medusa as “the prettiest girl in high school”, that all the guys wanted to be with her and the girls were jealous of her. Chad emphasized on the fact that they used to live in the city in a penthouse and everything was fine until about 6 years ago when Medusa began acting different and demanded they move out to the countryside. Chad then explained her physical appearance began to deteriorate shortly after leaving the city. He stated she began cutting and dying her hair green as well as she stopped caring about how she looked. He described her skin as a fainted yellow color once she stopped eating healthy and started sleeping around 2 hours every night. He stated her lack of care for her own body caused a break in their personal relationship and didn’t want to ever suggest her to eat better or work out as to avoid hurting her feelings. He stated she also stopped communicating with him and would stare at him from a distance. He said he would often find her crying in the kitchen late at night but when asked what was wrong she would simply stare at him and then leave the room. He explained that in the first 4 years of their marriage everything was perfect- she had a job at a bridal dress shop. Chad mentioned he filed for divorce with her 4 months ago and it was finalized a week previous to her admission. Chad stated he no longer had time to watch over her as he was constantly traveling for work and believes he can no longer help the situation.


Medusa xxxx was admitted to the Genesis Psychiatric Institution on 3rd November 2015 by her ex-husband, Chad xxxxxx due to abnormal behvior and change in personality. Medusa has been admitted due to plausible threat to others as well as herself as proven by her ex-husband. She has been place in the Institution for observation and care and is not permitted to be released until a minimum of a year and passing of exams from at least 3 doctors. She will be placed under physical and behavioral observation for the span of the year with a one week interval between each meeting as to keep a relaxed environment. She is not to be admitted any medication as to collect the most accurate data. She will undergo constant surveillance and observation for her own safety.


Date: Week 1–39 of Observation

Medusa was interviewed one week after her admission. She appeared to be in poor health despite the fact the institution has a strict diet customized for each patients personal needs. Her skin was a desaturated yellow and didn’t appear to be taking care of her teeth. She also did not make much eye contact yet did not appear nervous and instead calm and composed. Her body language also appeared confident yet careless. During observation she sat with her hands in her lap and with broad shoulders.The brown roots of her green hair also appeared to be growing back in, indicating she had not dyed it in a few weeks. She had bags under her eyes suggesting her lack of sleep.


Date: Week 2 — Week 40 of Observation

The 2nd week of Medusa’s admission was her first week of strictly behavioral based. This was also the first time she spoke. When asked what she enjoyed doing on her free time she stated, “being with her animals”. When she was given the image exam 10 weeks later in which she is shown different animals and has to name them- she could only name the snake, pig and cat. During week 40 she showed particular interest in snakes, and was caught hissing as she sat in her room.


Date: Week 42

During one of Medusa’s final weeks before her exit exam she appeared to regain her mental and physical health. She appeared to be healthier than her previous observations however still didn’t speak much. Medusa revealed to one doctors during week 43 that her husband had been cheating on her. Doctors are now led to believe that Medusa’s lack of self confidence is the root of her strange behavior. Medusa began to show other signs of lack of self confidence such a never looking directly into mirrors and rarely looking into other people’s eyes. This recent discovery lead doctors to admit Medusa to another year of observation.

Word Count: 996

Works Cited:

Duffy, Carol Ann. The World’s Wife: Poems. New York: Faber and Faber, 2001. Print.