Patrick Star

There once was a pink starfish that lived in the ocean. One of his neighbors names Sponge Bob. They frequently worked together to annoy another one of their neighbors named Squid ward. Squid Ward hates Sponge Bob and Patrick so much to the point where Squid ward made a deal with Plankton. He was very good with technology, so he build Squid Ward a super weapon. So the Squid ward secretly transported said weapon into his house in the middle of the night. Then he set up the weapon, a shrink ray, outside his window, so when they woke up, he was going to hit them. So the very next day Patrick decided to throw a surprise party for Squid Ward. Squid ward expected to see them leave their houses, but they weren’t there. So squid ward when down stairs and they scared Squid ward to the point where he died.

The next day Patrick and Sponge bob went to the Krusty Crab. Spongebob started to work, and Patrick ate 1,000,000,000 Crabby Patties. Mr Krabs noticed that something was off. So Mr. Crabs decided to go ask Spongebob what was wrong. Spongebob was to scared to answer as he stared at the cash register through the order window. Then Mr. Crabs realized what was wrong. Squid Ward was gone! So Spongebob and Mr. Crabs went down to Squid Ward’s house and saw him dead on the floor with a shrink ray in hand. The guilt was eating up Spongebob, so Mr. Crabs shrunk Spongebob with the shrink ray for the rest of his life.