Stop Waiting

No one is coming.

The Fire Marshal
is out to lunch

The Police
are listening 
to the radio

The ambulance
found greater pain
than yours

The government
is no longer
interested in persons

The aliens found 
more interesting planets

Every lover
past and future
found something else

There are no

even your Jesus glass
changes the tone
of Real Light

You've been worshipping
a pretty porcelain 
even the World's Greatest
will not survive
the earthquake

in fact, they disappear
the moment you close 
your eyes

in fact, they disappear
when you realize
no face will
get up and walk
to you

They will not
come running
for you or 
carry you
as long as you 
sit there

for the earthquake

In fact, they disappear
when you open 
your eyes and see

there's a miracle
happening on a branch
a baby bird

a new sun

the kids take 

I can't hear what
the neighbors
are yelling about
but it sounds
so important to them

right now.

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