Why everyone should learn Salsa before marrying?

Before I start off with the question, let me make it clear that I’m a novice in Salsa (with less than 3 months of classes under my belt). I’m also unmarried :P As you might say, I might not be the best person to write this post. Chuck that. Let me write it anyway ;)

Salsa is a partner dance performed at a social setting with all the partners dancing impromptu based on the songs that are played at the social dance.

  1. Lead & Follow — In Salsa, the male partner leads and the female partner follows. Similarly, in marriage many situations require one partner to take the lead and another to follow. I’m not of the opinion that male partner should always lead and female partner should always follow, but Salsa exposes to at least one of the partner leading.
  2. As Salsa is a lead & follow and mostly impromptu dance, so it’s highly imperative for two partners to be in sync during the dance. Subtle hand movements communicate the moves to the partner. This is in tangent to marriage where both partners learn to be in sync.
  3. Salsa is a social dance and during classes, it is encouraged to switch with many partners as possible. Every partner has a different style and respond differently to cues. This helps understanding how different partners respond and also how to lead them. This might help you understand your better half better when you get married.
  4. Salsa is a lot of fun. Isn’t that the best reason of all? ;)

Folks, what are you waiting for? Pick your shoes, join a class and start dancing. If you are in Bangalore, and interested to try out Salsa, you should checkout Latin Dance India dance school.

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