Are you listening, Facebook?

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Let me preface this post by saying that I’ve been a long-time user of Instagram. I first signed up for the photo-sharing app when it was in its infancy, back in November 2010. It came at a time when I’d just got my first iPhone; what most people would consider the advent of the smartphone era.

Back then, I wasn’t nearly as savvy about social media as I am today, and so consequently, didn’t care much about growing a sizeable following on any platform. …

And smack it square in the face.

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I went cold turkey on Medium.

I had the best intentions of writing at least two articles a week, every week, with dreams of building an active and engaged readership. I was slowly starting to gain traction, starting off with an unexpected level of consistency and commitment. I had a bank of content ideas that I would execute on every week and churn out life-changing articles that would propel me to Medium stardom.

So, what happened?

Culture shock happened.

After being so enamored with this monumental life move I’d made, I hadn’t fully braced myself for the wave of culture shock that would…

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I love lists. Lists stop my life from coming apart at the seams. They represent order, harmony and action. Lists are the holy grail for those of us who are self-diagnosed with OCD.

I remember typing down a few things just before finishing my final year of high school, a laundry list of things that I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 25. …

Everything about the system is screwing us.

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Debt is a weird thing. We rely on it so heavily that it’s become an accepted, even celebrated rite of passage into adulthood. Getting a new car, buying a new house, perhaps worst of all, celebrating your status with top-tier credit card.

In and of itself, we wouldn’t really be able to get by without it, however. Scores of articles have been written on the difference between ‘healthy’ debt (which isn’t actually all that healthy if your interest is high) and bad debt. …

You’ll have bad days — we all will.

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Nicolas Cole argues that content creation is about volume. I would agree with him on that. It’s an approach that’s garnered social media superstars thousands of followers, in feeds where noise emanates from all over.

But for any average person, creating content at scale simply never works. Unless you’re a full-time content creator focused solely on one creative discipline, it’s tough to consistently churn out quality content that has mass appeal. Because of that, it’s even tougher to build an audience.

As someone who enjoys writing, I try to do everything I can do to create the right conditions for…

The only camera glass you’ll ever need.

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The main piece of advice that is doled out to photographers just starting out is usually something along the lines of: Upgrade your glass before you switch your camera body.

While there isn’t much to differentiate sensors between manufacturers and models, lens quality can vary wildly depending on what you’re using. There are simply more variables involved in the lens manufacturing process which means that lens characteristics differ.

Then there’s also the debate around which types of lenses are the best. Camera glass can classified into two broad categories: Zoom lenses vs prime lenses. …

The most epic running spectacle in the Southern Hemisphere? Undoubtedly.

Photo from

On Sunday the 10th of June, approximately 20,000 runners stood outside the Pietermaritzburg City Hall, awaiting the gunfire that would set them off on a route spanning 90.184km.

Of those 20,000-odd, 16,477 crossed over in the regulation 12 hours. Some came achingly close, only to be denied by seconds.

The Comrades Marathon is the world’s largest and oldest ultra-marathon. Yet for the epic spectacle that it is, I can’t help but feel it seems poorly represented in the global running community. …

When it comes to cameras, bigger isn’t always better.

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Gear comparisons are always a contentious topic within the photography fraternity. Photographers are most commonly associated with one of four major brands; Canon, Nikon, Sony or Panasonic. Prospective camera buyers pore over spec sheets and DXOMark scores before spending their hard-earned cash on their next imaging investment.

My last camera setup was a Canon 70D paired with a battery grip and a Sigma 18–35mm lens. I’d bought it in June 2016 after shooting for about 2 years with a Canon 1200D.

How much does Friday night really mean to you?

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“If you’re working for the weekend, your s**t is broken.” — Gary Vaynerchuk.

Versions of GaryVee’s famous quotable quote are now all too commonplace amongst productivity pundits.

More than anything, this ‘nugget’ of productivity wisdom speaks to waning levels of job satisfaction and an increasing workload that most of us face on a daily basis.

As someone who’s worked across a variety of industries, from sales to media as well as in the creative space, I think there are two sides to this.

GaryVee’s quote is tainted with privilege, let’s be clear about that. How do you tell someone who’s…

And the People Who Are Shaping It

Image c/o Stuart Hendricks for Braamfie Runners

Renaissance [ren-uh-sahns, -zahns, -sahns, ren-uh-sahns, -zahns, -sahns] — noun: the activity, spirit, or time of a great revival… marking the transition from the medieval to the modern.

Estimates for people who classify themselves as runners in the US (including jogging) topped out at 65 million in spring of 2017. Only 10 years prior that figure stood at 45 million. There’s no doubt that running has managed to permeate popular culture to a degree that it’s never done before. It’s no longer the preserve of the middle-aged, pale-faced weekend warrior. Instead, people are taking up the sport in record numbers.


Stuart Hendricks

Runner // Traveller // Creative. Always exploring. ✞ Matthew 5:3

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