Text-To-Learn App — Angular Attack Hackathon 2017

Our team is named “Angry Boys” participated in the 48 hour online Angular hackathon. Demo is here. Our entry and experience is below.

Text To Learn App

The app that helps you to learn and memorize a text, poem, song lyrics or presentation in a beautiful playful manner.

Welcome page

The Problem

You want to learn a text, poem, song lyrics or presentation? And it’s so boring to repeat the text over and over again to finally memorize it.

We had this problem many times since school years and tried to find a beautiful and interactive solution.

Our Solution

Now you can add your text you want to learn to our app and it will help you to memorize anything using different trusted techniques in a simple playful manner.

Demo video

We’ll help you to find a way in the ocean of words!

Built With

  • Angular 4
  • Angular CLI
  • Typescript
  • SASS

Future Plans

  • Fix bugs
  • More levels and memory techniques
  • Audio support
  • Authentication so you can get back to your text anytime (or maybe Browser Cache)
  • Bonus system
  • Mobile apps