2PAC — What you did for your people goes beyond your musical gifts — the ‘Thug Life’ mentality radiates through our entire generation in every part of the world.

You were the voice of an entire demographic of people , you showed the world injustices previously ignored, your influence spreads further and further through the years like a true legends legacy.

You furthered the mentality to question the system and to fight for what is rightfully yours, you gave people soul and spirit to stand up.

Never have i heard a more intelligent, experienced, complex, deep and true mind at work, with advice to help anyone with any hardship they face. In a way , you had to die. Watching you gave the feeling you were too much for this world, a threat to the worlds ‘System’. Allowing the oppressed to have the strength to fight back together. But like you said “i will spark the brain that will change the world” and i believe that brain resides in all of us today. Although you are gone — like Eminem said — “in our hearts and our minds you will never die — you are forever ALIVE”