Wiz Khalifa — I love Wiz, he is one of the most talented musicians/rappers Ive heard, he is straight talent and his lyricism is unique. But i leave it there.

I respect anybody who does what they do and is true to them-self and is rewarded for it, but i do think his output to the world can be damaging to impressionable people.

See people who have lived enough can keep things in perspective, and know the difference between entertainment and life.

Some people see Wiz’s life and try to emulate it with disastrous results. A segregation between dreams and reality needs to be realised and maintained as most people are not in his position. Wiz has been blessed with the gift of music, he has followed his passion and is exactly where he is intended to be, he has worked and embraced his gifts and been rewarded so why wouldn’t he rap about the things he does?

It is not his fault if people take his life style too literally — it is on each individual to create the life THEY want .

I take from his music a sense of fun and freedom, i just hope people don’t take his life for their own and get lost.

Always remember to keep to your own path in life and make it yourself before you act like Wiz Khalifa — as his life is his and your life is yours, make it full and make yourself happy. ⭐️ #lifeadvice