Adding and removing sticker packs as favourites in iMessage

The iMessage app toolbar has significantly changed under iOS 11. One potentially useful (at least for whoever uses iMessage apps; and yes, this is no advanced magic at all) addition is to add iMessage apps as a featured/favourite to the very start of the toolbar.

This is a short intro to how that’s done:

add an iMessage app to your app toolbar as a fave
  1. scroll to the very right end of the toolbar
  2. open the settings by tapping the … More button
  3. tap on “Edit”
  4. tap the + icon next to your fave app
  5. tap the “Done” button

You’re done. To remove it again, redo the same process in the opposite direction by tapping on the “-”-icon next to your iMessage app above.

There’s also an alternate Apple way of drag-dropping the icon into your favourite section, or to remove it from there. Just tap it for an extended period of time and when it has removed itself from the locked position you can move it to whatever position you want it in.

remove an iMessage app from the fave position

That’s all. Now I hope you are enjoying to send kaomotions as much as I do:

Kaomotion emoticon received on an Apple Watch.