How to install, use and uninstall Kaomotion stickers on iPhone

There has been some confusion about how a sticker app must be used on iPhone (within iMessage), therefore this is a quick guide for you. And here is a message my Korean users ❤:

친애하는 한국 사용자분들: 아래에서 이 앱의 작동방법에 대한 gif 포맷 안내를 찾아보실 수 있습니다 :)

Install, Use, Unlock, Uninstall Kaomotion

1. 📲 Install Kaomotion
In order to install Kaomotion you can simply go look for it within the iMessage App Store. You will also find it when looking for it on the regular App Store. Type in Kaomotion and tap on the button in the store in order to download.

download sticker app from App Store

2. 💬 Use Kaomotion
In order to use Kaomotion and any other sticker apps, you must go find it in within iMessage and the iMessage app drawer. Tap on the Kaomotion icon in the drawer and then the app will open within iMessage.

use Kaomotion

3. 🔐 Unlock locked stickers
Most stickers are free to use without any contribution whatsoever. You’ll notice that some of the stickers are locked, however. These stickers can be unlocked by its category, or you can unlock all of them at the same time (with a 30% discount).

unlock Kaomotion

To do so, just tap on the blue shopping cart (🛒) in the top right part within the Kaomotion app. Then you can choose to unlock each category by itself, or all of the stickers at once.

4. 🗑 Uninstall Kaomotion
Uninstalling any sticker app is even easier than installing it: tap on the settings icon within the iMessage app drawer. Swipe left on any item you want to delete. Delete. Done.

delete sticker app from iMessage

Of course I think you’ll feel no need to uninstall Kaomotion, ever. If you need to uninstall it anyway, you know how to do that. Thank you for reading.

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