Using the “emojify” feature in iOS 10

Simon Schmid
Sep 12, 2016 · 2 min read

Using emojis in iOS 10 is about to get a lot easier. After you’ve carefully crafted your message you can enter the emoji keyboard, at which point any words turn into tappable red areas that you can turn into actual emojis.

That leaves you with the option to type out all of your emojis into text wherever you want to have them in the final text. That way you don’t need to search for them in the emoji keyboard.

use the emojify option in iOS 10

You might not need to do this at all however, since it seems that iOS 10 has gotten quite good at serving you your emoji at the moment when you’re typing. In the latest version of iOS ready to launch in two days, it keeps the emoji in the suggestion panel, even if you do not actually tap it to replace the word you’re currently typing with it.

typing unicorn & emoji in iOS 10

If you’re a radical emoji user, you might want to listen into this podcast where Jeremy Burge (Jeremy Burge) of Emjojipedia talks about these upcoming changes with Owen Williams.

Also, check out the way iOS 10 helps you typing “congratulations”.

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