Event planning : Strengths & weakness

The event management world has been changed over the last few years, with the help of new technologies and they are making things better!

Leaving technologies far behind it is important to analyze our strength and weakness as an event planner.

Professional Event planners has different degrees of strength and weakness, there are some things I give values but it doesn’t matter for most of the people!

By taking time to learn about event planners personalities, now it presents me with much better understandings of event planner’s strengths and their weaknesses during event planning!

When I learn & read about others personalities attribute, I improve my relationship with my vendors, and even with my clients!

Strength of Event planners

These express the traits of your task which are censorious in attaining objectives.

  1. High motivation level

2. Good market share

3. Strong brand name

4. Excellent PR

5. Experienced event team

6. Many social media followers

Weakness in event planning!

These traits are harmful for your projects, and may obstruct you from reaching your decided goal.

1. Small budget

2. Low energy level

3. Social loafing

4. Inexperienced event team

5. Lack of funds

6. Lack of media and corporate contacts

7. Little or no brand recognition

8. Small social follower base

Many event planners think they know it all, but in a lot of cases they are not even aware of the field they are in.

It is for all Experienced event planner, those who are and those who are new in event planning, with due reflection on weaknesses and strength in event planning and many more external opportunities, you can easily protect yourself from making any mistake or missing out something & in many cases against bad event.

You can work on your weaknesses and make them your strength if you have a strong will,

Thank you so much!