Video Games VS. My Pockets

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Written by: Vic Brubacher III aka MrNeverChillin

What’s up Shoot 2 Win Gaming Community! Most of us here probably enjoy playing video games. But there are also some of us here that do not enjoy dipping into our pockets all the time for new consoles, new equipment, and new games. And with a lot of new games pushing the $70 mark, we must make that important decision. Is that game really worth that price? And do I need to play it now? Because we all know, later down the road that very same game will go on sale.

Other points to look at when making a purchase of a game include but not limited to; length of game, quality of the game, is it a live service, size of the developer and much more. The first two points that I name were basically the classic comparison of quality versus quantity. If I spend $70 on a game, I don’t want to beat it in 6 hours and that’s it. But I also do not want a game that bolsters 500 hours of content like Dying Light 2 Stay Human. It is just filled with junky artificial content that has no meaning or purpose and has some of the worst quality I have ever seen in a AAA release. Take A Plague Tale Innocence for example. If it was not on Xbox Game Pass, I most likely would not have minded spending $60-$70 for a high quality, 10–12 hour game. Also, look at what happened to Cyberpunk 2077. One of the most anticipated games of all time, it came out and was a huge flop for the most part due to all the bugs and issues that it came with, which were mostly on older consoles or PCs that could not run it at its best. Luckily, we live in a time where developers can patch it and send out updates to their games whenever they want unlike the old days where when a developer shipped a game, you got what you got. No updates, no re-releases. That game would then be a major flop and onto the next project. But when is enough enough? Because we cannot keep on giving developers these passes to release low quality games with major bugs and allow them to fix them with patches later on. NO. We spend $60+ on a game and we expect it to be a good game. Take the recent Call of Dutys for example. We honestly have not had a good Call of Duty since Xbox 360 and PS3 days. And they won’t work on the quality of the game if us consumers continue to buy these games year after year and make it the most sold title each year.

But it is so much more than that as well. I might not even have to buy the game. Everyone knows I am an adved Xbox gamer and with the aforementioned Xbox Game Pass, getting so many DAY ONE releases, I rarely even have to buy any of the new games that come out. I think I have bought 2, maybe 3 games in the last 6 months. But I have played loads of them. And with other gaming services like Games With Gold, PlayStation Plus, or even Prime Gaming handing out monthly free games, it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on a game. I am almost at the point of recommending to the average consumer to wait to buy games anymore. Wait and see if they are any good instead of wasting your money. We as the consumer have the power to make these developers produce better games. Wait until they go on sale or become free via other gaming services. I personally cannot do that since I play and review games which you all know. But in the end, it is your wallet. Make the best financial decision and understand the risk you have when buying new games. And I hope you can enjoy a game even when other people think poorly of it, because that is possible.

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