Vinci Andanar performing with Gold Fields in 2013

Starting a business is never an easy task. Let alone when you are working on your bands second album and trying to organise a wedding. It’s safe to say Vinci Andanar has been keeping himself busy.

From modest beginnings of playing in local bands around his hometown Ballarat, Victoria, the guitarist and song writer has gone on to accomplish a great deal with his band Gold Fields. Having released an album, signed to New York based record label Astralwerks, and toured extensively both nationally and overseas, the band has enjoyed hard earned success’s many bands only dream of. Andanar’s latest endeavour sees him starting a music recording and production business with his bandmate Ryan D’Sylvia. The idea was visualised as a way to consolidate all of their music income streams. As Andanar explains;

“We were doing a lot of remix work for other artists at the time, DJ sets as well as getting hit up to mix tracks for friends. We decided to house all these income streams under the one umbrella. That’s when we decided to create Bamboo Club House”
Andanar at work in the Bamboo Club House studio.

Andanar and D’Sylvia started the business through the NEIS Program. The government funded program, designed to help people become self-employed business owners, allowed the pair to ascertain whether their business idea was feasible. The funding they received through the program also allowed them to secure the space and equipment for their studio, including Jimmy Barnes’ old mixing desk. While the NEIS program helped Andanar get started, he attributes his time studying music industry at RMIT as to what helped put things in perspective.

“The biggest thing I took away from the course was learning how to be business minded in a creative industry. Before studying the course all I really thought of was making music…But thinking about your craft with a business mind frame really helped in making it a possible career path.”

The combined drive, talent and enthusiasm of the pair means nothing is done by halves when it comes to their producing and mixing approach. Having worked with them myself I have witnessed first-hand how they take on each project with vigour. While many producers and sound engineers will simply press record and mix levels, they immerse themselves in the track, aiming to elevate the song both sonically and musically.

“Our goal is to understand the artists’ vision for the track, sometimes that includes guiding the song into a direction if they’re not 100% clear on where they want to take it, and to go beyond their expectations. We want them to be blown away when they hear their song played back for the first time.”
Ryan D’Sylvia at his home studio.

Under Bamboo Club House, Andanar and D’Sylvia have already mixed, produced and remixed the likes of KLP, Roland Tings, YesYou, Native Spirit and Twinsy. With their talent, work ethic and business mindedness I’m sure we will be seeing Bamboo Club House in the credits of many more songs to come.

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