Interview with Perth based DJ/Producer, MIIDDY.

Photo Credits: Josef Wilkins

MIIDDY, the Perth based DJ & Producer who rocks every club out around town has achieved many feats of strengths. So far in his career, he has hit #4 on the iTunes Electronic Dance Music album charts, has played his first live show in Perth and prior to that, has played endless gigs all around Perth including being one of the main resident DJ’s for Goodlife Festival Australia. Having a very strong background in being a musician, MIIDDY has grown up with playing a variety of genres all the way from classical to alternative, even electronic music covers such as Firestone by Kygo (Ft. Conrad Sewell).

His first ever debut E.P. ‘Overture’ was recently released. After gaining major support from a lot of Perth fans and even national fans over Australia, he now gets booked constantly for gigs around Perth.

Here is an interview I had with him:

Me: So Patrick, how are you? I assume everything is going well since the release of your previous E.P. ‘Overture’?

MIIDDY: Hey Franky I’m great thanks! Yeah it’s been amazing I’m really overwhelmed with all the support I’ve gotten from my first EP, can’t wait to show off some new tunes I’ve been working on.

Me: Cool man, looking forward to the new tunes!

Let’s get onto the first question, how did you get started? Who pushed you to get to where you are now?

MIIDDY: I’ve played piano for about 12 years so I always knew I wanted to do something musical with my life, I started producing a few years ago and instantly loved it and ever since then I’ve been producing as much as I can. I would say the person who’s pushed me the most is you Franky, helped me along the way and pushed me into the right direction!

Me: Wow that is so cool, and no problem man you know I will always help you haha.

Next question, When you are writing/producing your music, where do you source your inspiration? Do you use any types of samples in your music that you love?

MIIDDY: It comes in lots of different forms, I can get inspiration from everything from samples, to documentaries and even just walking around outside. I never really know when inspiration is going to hit me so that’s why I’ve always got my laptop on me.

Me: Ah ok. So how was it like when you first entered the Perth music scene? Did you feel as if it was way too generic of some sort and you felt like you have some form of a mission to change it?

MIIDDY: When I first entered the scene I was mainly focused on just trying to get my name known in the scene and get myself around, it is a bit saturated but you have to attend to the genres people want at the start, then you can branch off into your own genres which is what I’ve been trying to do. I feel like no matter what you change the music scene to it was always become saturated eventually so just doing your own thing is always good.

Me: Yea I remember back in your Goodlife days when I started to get to know you properly you were grinding in those hours in the scene trying to get known, you have came so far now!

Last question, what would be your wisest words to people who want to start out yet, be different in the scene and not do what everyone else is doing?

MIIDDY: Be original with your music, there will always be someone out there who enjoys your music, keep making music because every track you make will be better than your last. Don’t get down on people critiquing you, use it as a way to learn from your mistakes and a way to improve yourself, you will fail and that’s okay.

MIIDDY’s next ambitions is to bring his live show nation wide across Australia. These ambitions of his are set in stone. Patrick wants to change part of the Australian scene by bringing more melodic content into bass music then the generic norm.

As MIIDDY grows, we will find out what will be next in store for him. The question is though, what is the next achievement he will obtain?

Photo Credits: Josef Wilkins
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