Interview with RMIT Music Industry student, Alanna Hardy.

Alanna Hardy, an RMIT Music Industry student who thrives in being a vocalist studies this course to also further her knowledge in writing music for film. Her sweet voice inspired by the likes of Lana Del Rey, Florence + The Machine, and other sounding like artists. As she continues to study at RMIT she spends some of her days during the week in the studio writing originals expressing about her life in the past.

I joined her for a few sessions at RMIT Music Studios to understand how she writes and where she gets her inspiration from, here is the interview:

Me: Hey Alanna how are you? Hope all the final assignments have been going well.

Alanna: Thanks Franky, yeah almost finished with them!

Me: Cool!

Let’s get onto the first question. How are you finding song writing currently in the Bachelors of Music Industry at RMIT university, do you enjoy it?

Alanna: Yeah I’ve been really enjoying the course and bettering my writing skills. I originally intended to study psychology but I’m so happy I’ve made the switch to the music industry course! its been awesome.

Me: If it is one aspect you love about the course so far, what is it?

Alanna: My favourite aspect so far has been using the studios. Especially using all the editing and recording programmes available on the studio computers such as Logic X and Ableton. I’ve learned a lot in the past semester.

Me: So now getting through the first year have you written many originals or were you focusing on other aspects of the course in terms of the core music units?

Alanna: I have just recently finished editing and finalising my two original songs which you know about considering you helped me haha, this year it was focused mostly on writing lyrics and just familiarising myself with studios and all its gear.

Me: Haha it was a very big pleasure working with you though!

What are your plans as the degree progresses?

Alanna: So I’m hoping next year and over this summer I’ll be working and making more of my own music!

Me: Nice, Final question!

What do you intend to do after the degree? Will you further becoming a vocalist or just write music for film?

Alanna: At this point, I would love to focus on being a vocalist and making music however I’m very open to any music opportunity that I come across in the future, so I’m definitely not cutting off any pathways just yet.

Alanna continues to grind her hours in the studio while studying to progress into her music career. As the studying gets harder and progresses, she still finds time to cram into the studio and write amazing originals. For her to song write is another way to express her past as a musician, to reach out to those who go through the same pain and past. Her next step now is to get out there in the scene and make an impact with her music to where it can take her to new places.

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