The Change Of The Music Industry in Australia: How the EDM movement is involved and where has the art gone?

Australia’s music industry is an industry with minimal variety. Where you either make it for what you write or you stay within a very small community for writing music you enjoy (which there is nothing wrong with that, at all!). From Future Bass to generic House music or Hip-Hop that basically sounds the same, there are only very few genres that get played on major radio stations, especially Triple-J. Sadly from being a diverse country in terms of music in the early to mid 2000’s, it started to progressively change into copycat style writing that is receptively played on the radio.

So far in our current days of the music industry in Australia, there is very little variety being played on radio and in my honest opinion it’s not fair. When I want to tune into the radio, I want to listen to something new as much as I can, not the same repetitive music. In fact, I want to listen to some awesome rock music heavily inspired by The Queens Of The Stone Age infused with some electronic beats of some sort just because I think that would be an awesome combination!

See, I find it wrong that there are all of these “major” EDM acts in Australia, which just take over trendy bands and gives those bands zero chance to get out there just because they are not going with what the trend is right now, IT’S REALLY SAD. It’s sad that you have these amazing indie artists who try to brand and market themselves just as much as some DJ’s who have their music written for them by like what, 10 other ghost producers because they can not do it themselves or take the time to learn?

Oh wait, a lot of artists who are into the whole EDM trend are just in it for the fame and attention they all want. I am not here to go off and call out artists or anything, but there are specific ones who make it harder for other musicians and bands to get out there. Let’s look at it this way, in today’s day and age with all these current streaming services such as Spotify, I continuously see playlists re-posting mostly agonizing generic EDM “bangers”.

I understand this whole industry needs to make money but the point I am making here as an artist my self is, where has the art gone? I am sure the same money that some pretty high end artists in Australia charge for their shows and what not can go to artists who actually put in the effort to write something different in the electronic music scene as a live act or even as a DJ who ONLY plays their music that they produced.

I am going to make this point here, in my honest opinion I feel as if Australia has screwed themselves over with how they promote music. Sure, Australia actually has a great indie scene, but how about the indie scene grows even more to push away generic music? How about we introduce new types of electronic music at live events and actually have DJ’s who play more original music then the same remixes set after set. I believe people will legitimately dance to anything as long as it has a beat regardless if it’s some artist who has 50 followers to Rhiana’s music. Australia needs to be more open minded in the sense of which artists they promote.

I hope in the future as Australia grows, it realizes in the music industry sector side of things that it needs to grow in terms of having more genres and styles of music from all kinds of artists. There needs to be a movement of artists who realise that it is wrong that the same old shit is being played. We need variety. Maybe we need a new platform for artists to grow on, specifically here in the Australian music industry, who knows!

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