How Musos Listen to their Music

Headphones. They certainly have earnt themselves a notion associated with celebrities and street wear fashion. But, focusing on the purpose they were created for — listening to music — let’s see what phones the musos choose to rep on their head and why?

Luci Li studies in the sun after her Music Industry lecture, at RMIT

The Creator

What are you wearing?
Audio Technica ATH M50X

Where did you purchase?
Store DJ in Richmond. They set me back $200.

What do you use them for?

Song production. Because they are flat sounding headphones i.e. no enhanced based, they are perfect for studio use. To me, they in a way mimic what a studio monitor sounds like.

How many hours a day are they on your head?

Like 10 hrs. Most of the day. I swear I am so deaf.

What headset do you crush on? 
There’s a Beyerdynamic pair that are to die for.

Sebastian, Music Industry Lecturer at RMIT

The Collector

What you wearing?
Sol Republic Tracks Air.
What did you pay?
They Cost me $185, on sale from $250. Hot Tip: If you study or work in music, you may be able to claim your headphones on tax!
Why did you buy?
Bluetooth feature. I wanted some headphones just for walking around. Although I like having HIFI Sony headphones for studio use.
Where did you purchase?
JB HIFI. They mainly sell a consumer range.
What do you use them for?
General day to day commuting. As they are wireless, they are great for carrying things as no cord gets caught!
How do you listen?
I listen through the Tidal app. It was founded by Jay Z and designed as a premium listening experience. Beyoncé first released on Tidal. Kanye first released on Tidal. I suppose it’s an exclusive way of releasing an album, to a nonpareil audience.
What advice can you give headphone wise?
Most importantly ask yourself, what are you using them for? What do you want out of your headphones? Studio use or more-so a fashion statement? This will help determine which ones would suite.
Charlotte has finished class for the day, and awaits her tram ride home.

The Commuter

What are you wearing?
Audio Fly AF 240

Why did you buy?
They were half price for $150 at JB HIFI. And they look funky!

How do you listen?
I stream music through Spotify. But I also use them to listen to online podcasts and missed lectures!

Out and about, walking and transporting around the city.

How many hours a day do you listen?
Between 1–4. Nothing hardcore.

Sound quality?
Personally I notice I hear things in songs that I didn’t before. Suppose that happens when you upgrade from airplane buds!

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