War again, war again, jiggety jig…

It looks like I’ve ended up back in another war in EVE. It’s interesting to me this time, because as a rank and file member tasked with little more than “show up and don’t screw up” I’m very much enjoying the variety in play-style.

In our last alliance we decided to bite the bullet and help with production on an epic scale. It wasn’t really something any of us looked forward to, and definitely wasn’t something our corporation was set up to do, but we decided to try and help because that was what the alliance needed and we kicked an awful lot of ass at it. It was a lot of fun to see that many people in EVE drop what they’ve always known to try something new, and it felt good to be good at it.

Of course, that landed us kicked out of the alliance in short order… Thanks Obama.

In our new world we’re getting our legs under us. It’s not an easy transition, as we’ve entered into a wartime environment, but it’s really nice to be with a group who doesn’t back down, and who doesn’t seem to get bent out of shape over slight personality differences.

So, to war we go! I have no idea what started it, and I’m not privy to the goals, but I know the doctrines and I can fly them so I’m ready to fry some pixels!

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