Brexit Results

- The EU will ironically keep calm and carry on.

- Scotland will loudly declare their independence, but no one will understand their accent.

- Ireland and North Ireland will forget centuries of bloodshed when both of them point at England, say “Dis bitch…” at the same time, then look at each other.

- “The United Kingdom” will henceforth be known simply as “Kingdom”, though they will insist on being called “The Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy formerly known as the United Kingdom”.

- The entire city of London will be air-lifted to Canada like that scene in Age of Ultron, massively improving the weather.

- Those who actually stay in Kingdom, or, ironically again, “bremain” there will continue to add the “br” prefix to other words in hopes of Making Britain Great Again. For example “bricken tikka masala”, “brideo games”, and “Brelizabeth II”

- A generation of will grow up naturally believing the currency is called a “pound” because of the weight of the cash needed to buy lunch.