Every day we spend countless hours consuming content. We dive deep into the plethora of podcasts, articles, movies, and books as a gateway into the minds of creative influencers. Naturally, questions and ideas flood our minds, leading us to reflect on our values, behaviors, and feelings. What most people never…

Newton’s law applied to our behaviors

What is momentum?

Newton’s first law of motion states that an object will remain in its current state unless acted upon by an external force.

An object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will stay in motion.

Now although Newton was a physicist, his first law probably carries…

The irony and reward in writing about your journey

The Conundrum

Have you ever been in a situation where even though you were doing something with genuine intent, you still felt inauthentic somewhere inside?

That’s the situation that I seem to find myself in each time I sit down to write about my self-improvement journey; I question the the intent behind…

Lessons learned from not getting my dream job

Earlier this year I was rejected from a job opportunity that I’d started to believe was perfect for me. After my interview, I found myself visualizing life in the job; I was excited about the new experiences, people, and learning opportunities it would bring.

But a couple days later got…

An actionable approach towards positive change

How many times have you tried to introduce a new daily habit, only to let the distraction of the weekend throw you off course? It’s common to find ourselves oscillating between the start of introducing a new habit to then shortly begin reflecting on where it went wrong.

I’ve personally…

Part of my submission for a Masters program

Experiencing the world’s ups and downs shaped my beliefs and defined what gave my life meaning. My philosophy however, remained unclear to me for the longest time, shifting from hedonism to a pursuit of fame/fortune, and now more recently, embodying an intrinsic growth mindset. Prior to the past two years…

Sahil Arora

Be clever and have fun. question master, @raptors fan, and aspiring teleporter

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