It’s Raining Insults In Austin & I’m Sad.
Arlo Gilbert

Agree with a lot of this, particularly the arrogant tone of some of the SV tech “elite”.

But I think you don’t adequately address the fact that many of those that voted “no” did so, not because they think Uber/Lyft require more city regulation, but because they didn’t want to reward an aggressive, condescending, tone-deaf campaign in favor of prop #1.

In other words, their “no” vote was a vote against a horribly conceived and executed campaign by Uber/Lyft, but not against the service they offer, and not in favor of city interference.

Most likely outcome is that in a few weeks alternatives to Uber/Lyft like Fasten will get up-to-speed, and Austin residents won’t be quick to forget how they were treated by Uber/Lyft over this episode.

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